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  • Mario Mejia

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Smart Mesh Wi-Fi System

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Our new “work-from-home reality” is now part of our lives. During these times, we rely on our home networks more than ever.

Not only is connectivity important, but a safe and reliable network is vital. According to the American Consumer Institute last year, more than 83 percent of older home and office routers have vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

It is important you take the necessary steps to make sure you home network device has the most up-to-date patches and security safeguards. Did you know that in a study conducted by Tripwire, it found that less than 50 percent of IT professionals recently updated the router firmware in their homes? Surprisingly, only 32 percent even knew how to perform such an update.



Some vulnerabilities, like the Kr00k vulnerability, can cause issues to your network. This is a security vulnerability that allows some WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi traffic to be decrypted.


By investing in a new mesh Wi-Fi system like the SURFboard mAX Pro, not only do you get performance and coverage, but you also get the convenience of automatic updates. On April 27, 2020 updates were automatically pushed out to all SURFboard mAX Pro and SURFboard mAX Plus users to fix the Kr00k vulnerability.


CommScope takes these types of vulnerabilities seriously. That’s why we employ proactive security measures with our customers to minimize the impact of broad security threats.


If you have any questions, then please use our live chat for support.


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About the Author


Mario Mejia

Mario Mejia is a Product Line Manager, Consumer Products, Home Networks Business Segment, for CommScope. In this role, he is responsible for the SURFboard mAX Wi-Fi mesh product line as well as the definition and development of home broadband innovations. Before joining CommScope, Mario spent more than 10 years with LG Mobile in various product management and quality management roles.


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