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CommScope Fiber is the Backbone of Allegiant Stadium

More than 227 miles of fiber and 1.5 million feet of copper cable installed in new home of the Las Vegas Raiders CommScope has announced that its fiber optic and copper cabling has been installed in Allegiant Stadium, the new 65,000-seat home of the Las Vegas Raiders. The 227 miles of fiber and more than 1.5 million feet of copper is helping to create the ultimate experience for Raiders fans by supporting over 2,400 screens, 1,700 Wi-Fi 6 access points, and Allegiant Stadium’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS). The 100G fiber backbone and 10G CAT 6A copper will deliver connectivity for critical stadium systems and applications such as high-resolution security cameras, fire and safety, HVAC and lighting controls, wayfinding, ticketing, concessions, merchandise, and parking.

“CommScope’s fiber optic cabling delivers the high-bandwidth connectivity needed for a truly compelling and interactive Las Vegas Raiders fan experience,” said Matthew Pasco, Raiders Vice President of Technology. “This includes 4K-ready video replays, as well as live streams captured by multiple cameras. With CommScope fiber, Allegiant Stadium is well positioned for the future and ready to accommodate an ever-increasing number of standard client devices such as smartphones and tablets, along with evolving technology like augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) helmets.” CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope’s fiber and copper cabling will be the connectivity backbone at Allegiant Stadium, the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders. CommScope’s 227 miles of fiber deployment brings connectivity to all 10 levels of Allegiant Stadium, from the event level to the semi-translucent ETFE roof. This will enable fans to use their Raiders mobile app throughout the facility to find parking spaces, locate concession stands, order food directly to their seats and share their experience on social sites via livestreamed videos. CommScope’s 10G CAT 6A copper cabling will connect in-house applications while its coaxial cables will connect the new DAS system in the stadium. CommScope is one of the only companies that can provide a comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi, fiber and copper infrastructure. "We're proud to support the Las Vegas Raiders fan experience in the new Allegiant Stadium,” said Ben Cardwell, senior vice president of CommScope’s Venue and Campus Networks. “Our fiber is helping to deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to hundreds of thousands of smartphones and tablets, while supporting 4K video streaming and replays captured by multiple cameras with comprehensive viewing angles. These virtual video experiences enable Raiders fans to feel like they are in the middle of the action – no matter where they are in the stadium – with panoramic and front-row views.”


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