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  • Arria Giulan

Are we all talking about the same network reliability?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It’s common knowledge that two people can look at the very same object and see two very different things. It's how our brain works. It combines new information -- the object in front of us -- with memories stored in the brain from the past.

CLICK TO TWEET: Arria Giulan explains how CommScope is at the forefront of creating the systems and processes required to deliver on network reliability. At CommScope, we don’t see network reliability as meeting a single specification. Rather, we see it as a complete system approach based on customers’ needs. It’s in our DNA to see it this way because we have been doing this for the last forty years. Today, more than ever, given the future of 5G, driverless cars, automated factories, telemedicine and other advanced technologies, organizations simply can’t afford to take network reliability for granted. The newly released Network Reliability series give you the unique opportunity to learn about network reliability directly from CommScope experts who, for the last decades, have been at the forefront of creating the systems and processes required to deliver on this. Through case studies, videos and eBooks, the team explains more about:

  • Network application

  • Performance testing

  • Material science

  • Field training

There are many views and definitions of network reliability. How do you see network reliability? About the Author Arria Giulan Arria Giulan is a portfolio marketing manager at CommScope, responsible for bringing to market solutions that meet evolving customers’ needs. She previously worked as global senior strategic marketing manager for Honeywell Building Solutions, integrated marketing manager for United Technologies and global product manager for AREVA. Arria graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Fairfield University and an MBA from Sacred Heart University.


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